Frequently asked questions

In which colours is Colorita® available?

There are seven summery colours, namely: yellow, white, orange, red, pink, purple and a bicolour variety.

Can I also place Colorita® indoors?

No, COLORIT is a garden plant and not suitable for indoors.

Where can I buy Colorita®?

At garden centres and florists.

Where can I place a Colorita®?

In the full ground or in a pot in a sunny spot outside.

When is Colorita® available?

The season runs from April to mid-June.

What will Colorita® not tolerate?

COLORIT is an easy plant to take care of. Water regularly on sunny days and fertilise once a month. Place indoors during severe winters or cover well in the garden.

Where does Colorita® come from?

This plant originates from the high mountains of the Andes in Chilli and from Brazil. In the Netherlands,  Royal Van Zanten  is the plant breeding company that has developed COLORIT.

Can Colorita® stay outside in the winter?

COLORIT is half-hardy and can tolerate mild frost. About 70% of the plants survive the winter in the Netherlands if left uncovered. Almost all the plants survive if they are covered in straw.

Plants in pots freeze quicker than when in the ground and are best brought inside and placed in a frost-free spot during winter. When the plants start growing again in the spring some extra fertiliser will enable the plant to flower faster.

Is Colorita® toxic to babies and pets?

COLORIT is not toxic, but is not suitable for consumption.

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